Rebuilding the Society


The Elgin Historical Society dates back to 1891. We have faced many setbacks and hardships through the years, but few have been as difficult to manage as the COVID Pandemic. The past few years have seen our meetings, operations, and traditions interrupted.

Mrs Wilson, President Women's Historical Society, 1903
Mrs. J. H. Wilson, Founder and President of the Women's Historical Society, 1903


When the Society was founded in the late 19th century, our area did not have the museums, archives or other institutions dedicated to preserving our past. Now in the 21st century the Society still has its role in connecting people with the history of the St. Thomas-Elgin area.


While the threat of COVID has not disappeared, the Historical Society, like much of society, is attempting to get back to the business before us. For the EHS that means promoting, and preserving our local history.


The EHS will be holding a special meeting on September 27, 7:00pm at the Elgin County Heritage Centre, 460 Sunset Drive. The purpose of this meeting is to bring the business of the Society back into some order. Through the pandemic our business transactions were few, but financial management has been maintained through the efforts of our retiring treasurer, Mary Lou Stanley.


The Society owes Mary Lou our thanks for keeping the torch burning through some difficult times.


If you are, or have been a member of the Society, we hope you will be able to attend on the 27th. This is an important meeting for the future of the Elgin Historical Society. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact us, or visit the Elgin County Heritage Centre at 460 Sunset Drive to purchase a membership. The membership fee has been reduced to $10 and allows you to have a say in the future of the Society.