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Days of the Traction Line - Local History with George Thorman, Guests: W.H. Jewell and Paul Loucks

"Local History with George Thorman" series The topic is "The Days of the Traction Line", with guests W.H. Jewell and Paul Loucks.

Courtesy of Elgin County Archives

An Interview with John Parsons at the Elgin County Railway Museum

Railway veteran and long time Museum volunteer, John Parsons, explains some of the workings in the Michigan Central Railroad shops in St. Thomas, Ontario, during the steam age.

Michigan Central Bridge
Elgin History Vignette #1 - Michigan Central Bridge

A short film on the 140 year history of the Michigan Central Railway Bridge over Kettle Creek at the west end of St. Thomas, Ontario.

Elgin History Vignette #5 - 1887 Rail Disaster

On July 15th 1887 a London & Port Stanley Railway train collided with a Michigan Central Railroad train at the diamond at Centre and Moore Streets in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Railways of St. Thomas-Elgin: The Four Major Lines

A Short History of the four major Railways of St. Thomas - Elgin in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.