A Short History of The Aylmer Library


The Aylmer Library has been part of the community for over a century. That century has seen the library change, reflecting the changes in Aylmer, and the world. To celebrate this centennial, the County of Elgin has commissioned this film. Residents of Aylmer tell the story of the library through the years. Some of our readers, such as Blair Barons, have played a vital role in the development of the Aylmer Library. Others, like 4 year-old Adam Bossuuyt, are just beginning to play their role in the Aylmer Library story.

Using images from the Elgin County Archives, we trace our way through the years, and meet the people and places that have made the Aylmer Library. This is only a short history, so much has been left out. To learn more about the history of the library, or any subject you can imagine, visit the Aylmer Library.

Copyright 2014, County of Elgin