Title Author Year Description
The Grand Trunk Railway of Canada


Information on the Grand Trunk Railway from 1876

The Gravel road: Facts concerning the London & Port Stanley road


Signed and dated: K.W. McKay, county clerk; St. Thomas, Aug. 13, 1892.

The Great Lakes : The vessels that plough them, their owners, their sailors, and their cargoes : Together with a brief history of our inland seas


A history of navigation on the Great Lakes and a history of the lakes themselves.

The Great Southern Railway of Canada: Letter to the Railway Committee in favor of the extensions claimed by the Woodstock and Lake Erie Railway


The Historical register of the United States Part II From the Declaration of war in 1812 to January 1, 1814


History of the War of 1812

the Inhabitants of the Talbot Settlement...have been agitating for many years to form a new county


Full Titile : the inhabitants of the Talbot Settlement, or southern division of the county of Middlesex, have been agitating for many years to form a new county from the South Division of Middlesex 

The Jesuits, their origin, history, aims, priciples, immoral teaching, their expulsions from various lands and condemnations by Roman Catholic and Protestant authorities


A history of the Jesuits by Benjamin F. Austin. Then Principal of Alma College and later a renowned spiritualist.

The Life and Times of the Hon. John Rolph, M.D. (1793-1870)


A history of the Hon. John Rolph. Reprinted from Medical History. Volume V, Number 1, January 1961.

The life of Colonel the late Honorable Thomas Talbot [microform] : embracing the rise and progess of the counties of Norfolk, Elgin, Middlesex, Kent and Essex, &c


History of Colonel Thomas Talbot and the Talbot Settlement

The Modern Railroad


A guide to railroads in 1911

The other side of the "story", being some reviews of Mr. J.C. Dent's first volume of The story of the Upper Canadian rebellion, and the letters in the Mackenzie-Rolph controversy


The Pacific Railway scandal: an address by David Mills, Esq., M.P., delivered at Alymer on the 14th October, 1873


Address in Aylmer by MP David Mills about the recent Canadian Pacific Railway scandal.

The Penn Central and other railroads; A report to the Senate Committee on Commerce


A report looking into the collapse of the Penn Central Railroad

The Pere Marquette Railroad Company; an historical study of the growth and development of one of Michigan's most important railway systems


The pictorial field-book of the war of 1812; or, Illustrations, by pen and pencil, of the history, biography, scenery, relics, and traditions of the last war for American independence


History of the War of 1812

The Plebiscite : "why the liquor traffic should be abolished,"


Full Title "The Plebiscite" : giving the text of the plebiscite act, its history, with brief articles on "why the liquor traffic should be abolished," 

Essay by Alma College Pricipal B.F. Austin, preaching the evils of alcohol. 

The Prohibition leaders of America


A book on Prohibition leaders by Benjamin F. Austin. First Principal of Alma College and later a leader in the Spiritualist Movement

The Province of Ontario: Its soil, climate, resources, institutions, free grant lands, &c., &c. : For the information of intending emigrants


A guide to immigrants coming to Ontario

The Scott Act Dissected


Published by Geo C. White of St. Thomas

The Slave in Upper Canada


History of the Underground Railroad

Dated October 1, 1919





The story of the Upper Canadian Rebellion : largely derived from original sources and documents Vol 1


The story of the Upper Canadian Rebellion : largely derived from original sources and documents Vol 2


The Talbot Papers


Including those left by the Honourable Colonel Thomas Talbot at his death, his letters to the Honourable Peter Robinson, Commissioner of Crown Lands, and some letters wrtitten by him to the Hon William Allan.

The Talbot papers


The Talbot Regime: Or, The first half century of the Talbot settlement


History of Colonel Talbot and the Talbot Settlement

The Very Latest Grand Trunk Scheme


Contains information on the Grand Trunk Railway. Refers to competition with the other lines

The War of 1812


History of the War of 1812

The War of 1812-13-14 between Great Britain and the United States.


A lecture delivered at the Montreal Military Institute and before the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Montreal in February 1899

The war with the United States; A Chronicle of 1812


History of the War of 1812

The Y.W.C.A. Cook Book


A selection of tested recipes compiled by the ladies of St. Thomas.

This indenture ... between the Chicago and Canada Southern Railway Company ... and Andrew T. Hall ... and Kenyon Cox 111 trustees


To the inhabitants of the Talbot settlement!!!


Notice by a Talbot settler regarding William Lyon Mackenzie's grievances. A precursor to the Upper Canada Rebellions of 1837.

Transactions of the American Society of Engineers


A guide to civil engineering in 1898

Transportation on the Great Lakes


History of transportation on the Great Lakes.

Transportation on the Great Lakes of North America


History of transportation on the Great Lakes

Travels through the United States of North America, the country of the Iroquois, and Upper Canada


An exploration of North America in 1799

Troops Commanded by Colonel James Fenton-1812-14


Full title, Troops under the command of Col. Fenton, Col. Rees Hill, Gens. Harrison and Crook, Col. Rush and Major Wersler, and those who rendezvonsed [!] at Camp Dupont, Erie, Lancaster, Marcus Hook and York and miscellaneous rolls

Upper Canada Building Fund


Vernon's City of St. Thomas Directory 1916


Vernon's City of St. Thomas Directory 1917


Vernon's City of St. Thomas Directory 1919


Vernon's City of St. Thomas Directory 1922


Vivat Regina, Proclamation


Full title,  "Vivat Regina", proclamation: west riding of the county of Elgin, to wit : public notice is hereby given to the electors ... for the purpose of electing a person to represent them in the Legislative Assembly.

Wage bargaining on the vessels of the Great Lakes


Water resources survey, County of Elgin


A survey of water resources and stream pollution with recommended programs

West Elgin Election, 1899


A guide to the West Elgin Election of 1899

Workingmen's Mass Meeting


Notice for the Workingmens Meeting at the skating rink in St. Thomas 1880.